OREANDA-NEWS  Russian tourists were accused of colonizing Bali after a screenshot from Google Maps with an inscription in Russian appeared on social networks. The publication went viral and even attracted the attention of local authorities, CNN Indonesia reports.

The image shows that the Changu district in the North Kuta district is designated as "New Moscow" in the application. It is noted that the post may be fake — now there is no such inscription on the online map of the island.

At the same time, Police Commissioner Paul Panjaitan assured that there had been no changes in Indonesia and the area was still officially called Changu.

The publication angered the locals so much that it reached the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Sandiyagi Uno. The official noted that he would check the image for compliance with the country's rules and regional norms.

At the same time, Uno drew attention to the fact that in other cities there are Chinese (chinatowns) or Indian quarters (Little Delhi). The Minister saw the situation as an opportunity for further development of tourism.

A Russian travel blogger visited Bali and called the resort a dump. "Narrow streets, few sidewalks and you need to be careful with bikes," he warned.