OREANDA-NEWS  Apple's authorized services in Russia have stopped accepting MacBook and iPad for warranty service due to a lack of parts, while the iPhone is still being accepted, Apple's technical support service told RIA Novosti.

"Alas, iPads will no longer be accepted at authorized service centers, as well as MacBooks... Since there are no spare parts, delivery is also not expected in the near future, so they do not accept the devices," said the company's consultant, answering the question of whether warranty service for iPad and MacBook is currently being carried out in the Russian Federation. According to him, this applies to all MacBook and iPad models. At the same time, the agency interlocutor noted that "iPhones are accepted." "It's the iPad and MacBook because the parts are no longer there, so they no longer accept," he said.

"I can't tell you how quickly this will happen, since we don't have this information," the consultant said, answering the question when the reception of iPads and MacBooks will resume.