OREANDA-NEWS   In September, the company, as usual, showed three new models of the iPhone (and in addition to Apple Watch 4). For comparison, in July for new laptops Macbook Pro did not organize anything-cost a press release. From this we can conclude that on October 30 will present several devices and possibly accessories.

What no one has any doubts about is the new iPad Pro tablets. Presumably, Apple engineers have designed two models of different sizes. Their cases will resemble iPhone X: the frames around the screen will narrow. Due to this, a large model with a display diagonal of 12.9 inches will become more compact. The dimensions of the other will remain approximately the same as before, but the screen diagonal will increase from 10.5 to 11 inches.

Another similarity with the iPhone is the Face ID owner recognition system that scans the face. Since the frames will become thinner, the Home button has nowhere to be built — only gestures will be able to control the device. A hole for headphones may disappear. It is also possible that the brand lightning connector will be replaced by a universal USB-C, so that the tablet is more convenient to connect to external screens with high resolution pictures.

External screens are necessary, first of all, for designers — iPad Pro is designed for professionals. For their convenience, the new models allegedly complement the new stylus Apple Pencil, which automatically recognizes the tablet when it is near. Perhaps, will change and magnetic fastening for have, and charging would make stronger. IPad Pro will run on the most powerful processor of the company, A12X. Prices are silent, but buyers will have to fork out.

Finally, there is some information that together with the iPad Pro will show a cheap model for schools, but there are no details about it.

The presentation will show an inexpensive by the standards of Apple model-with a price tag around $1 thousand-to replace the Macbook Air. It will be equipped with faster processors (what exactly, opinions differ), twice more capacious RAM and Retina-screen with high resolution, thin frames and a diagonal of 12-13 inches. Perhaps the new product will be called Macbook Air, or maybe - just a Macbook (or even iBook, as in the old days). Apple has a line - up with all these names — perhaps one of them the company will refuse, so as not to confuse buyers.