OREANDA-NEWS China successfully launched the first launch of the Changzheng-6C launch vehicle on Tuesday, it put several satellites into orbit, China Central Television reports.

The launch took place at 11.21 local time (6.21 Moscow time) from the Taiyuan cosmodrome, which is located in Shanxi Province in northern China. The launch vehicle put several satellites into orbit.

According to publicly available information, the Changzheng-6C is a two-stage liquid-fueled launch vehicle. It is planned to use it to perform launches into low-Earth and heliosynchronous orbit. The total length of the entire rocket is about 43 meters, the launch weight is about 215 tons, and the payload to the heliosynchronous orbit is about 2.4 tons.
Earlier, the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said that China plans to carry out about 100 space launches in 2024, which will be a record for the Chinese space industry.