OREANDA-NEWS  Scientists from the Higher School of Medicine and Biology at South Ural University (SUSU) in Chelyabinsk have developed an insulin analog. This is reported on the website of the educational institution.

Russian researchers have found that whey-based drinks reduce blood sugar levels. "The fact is that animal protein has a more valuable amino acid composition, unlike vegetable protein. Therefore, it is more likely to obtain valuable active peptides with potential hypoglycemic activity," said Oksana Zinina, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Food and Biotechnology at SUSU.

She noted that the university staff has developed a unique technology to obtain active peptides. "We combine two types of animal protein-containing raw materials, which are fermented with the participation of propionic acid bacteria. It is propionic acid bacteria that contribute to the formation of the largest number of active peptides with antidiabetic action in the hydrolysate," Zinina explained.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from the Ural Federal University (UrFU) have synthesized a molecule that can become the basis for a new drug against tuberculosis.