OREANDA-NEWS  The American Crew Dragon manned spacecraft with the crew of the Crew-6 mission on board docked to the International Space Station. The NASA website was broadcasting live. In addition to Andrei Fedyaev, American astronauts Stephen Bowen and Woody Homburg, as well as UAE astronaut Sultan al-Neyadi arrived at the ISS. The ship docked to the Harmony node module of the American segment of the ISS in automatic mode at 9:43 a.m. Moscow time. The necessary technical operations are being carried out now. In about an hour and a half, four crew members will be able to board the station.

Andrey Fedyaev's flight is the third within the framework of the agreement signed in July last year by Roscosmos and NASA on cross-flights of three Russian cosmonauts on American Crew Dragon and three American astronauts on Russian Soyuz MS in 2022-2024. Last fall, an American Francisco Rubio flew to the station on Soyuz MS-22, and our Anna Kikina flew to Crew Dragon (Crew-5 mission). Andrey was Anna Kikina's understudy. For him, as for Anna, this is also the first flight into space. Prior to the cosmonaut squadron, he served in the Air Force of the Russian Defense Ministry. Military pilot of the 2nd class. And another interesting detail to the portrait of the Russian cosmonaut: he is raising four sons.