OREANDA-NEWS   More than 92,700 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the United States on Thursday. This is an increase in the average incidence rate per day by 277%, compared with three weeks earlier, when the figure was 24,886 cases. Mortality from coronavirus in the United States has now reached 490 deaths per day. 

According to the White House, 7 states already account for half of all new infections and hospitalizations, although only 25% of the country's population live there. There is being talked about Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas. Experts warn that unvaccinated Americans will not be able to avoid this virus, no matter how they believe it. COVID-19 will find them and infect them anyway. At the same time, several possible scenarios await them - an asymptomatic infection, a moderate form of coronavirus, a severe form that requires hospitalization, or death. In general, no one will be able to get sick with COVID-19.

The number of infections in Florida in two weeks increased by 76% and reached 18,454 cases per day. In Louisiana, growth was 64%, and in Texas, 126%. There is the largest number of hospitalized young patients is located. As many as 530 children and adolescents in Texas are now hospitalized with coronavirus, writes The Daily Mail.