OREANDA-NEWS. Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok said that one sneeze or cough is enough to infect 100 people with the omicron coronavirus strain at once. He told about this to "Moscow 24".

The immunologist stressed that the new strain is the most infectious of all previous variants of COVID-19 and other diseases. Because of this, in the future, there may be a "prohibitive burden on healthcare", which may affect the risks that not all patients will be able to receive the necessary assistance, the doctor said.

“I believe that even talking, ordinary breathing and yawning is enough to release an aerosol containing particles of saliva, mucus, in which there will be enough virus to infect another person. If one person coughed or sneezed, then this number will be enough for 100 people at once, ”Bolibok said.

He added that the incubation period of "omicron" has decreased, symptoms appear already three to four days after infection with a new variant of the coronavirus.

Earlier, Bolibok said that the end of the coronavirus pandemic is possible only with a noticeable decrease in the number of new patients with COVID-19.