OREANDA-NEWS  Russian technologies in the field of drones and countering them will arouse interest in the Indian market, where there is a high demand for such technologies, Indian entrepreneur and CEO of Starshot Ventures Skand Tyagi told RIA Novosti.

"In fact, I'm looking for companies that produce drones, for example, and anti-drone technologies, because both are in high demand in India right now, especially for logistics purposes: to be able to deliver medicines, food and other important things. We are trying to contact some Russian companies that produce drones to create a joint venture with them in India," Tyagi said at the BRICS International Innovation Forum in Moscow.

The agency interlocutor also highly appreciated the potential of Russian-Indian business cooperation on the BRICS line, noting that joint developments in the field of technology will contribute to the "ascent" of states that are not part of the collective West.

"What we have managed to achieve in India is "Jugar", or "economical" innovations... we have managed to create technologies that are not only cheap, but also very efficient and functional, and from this point of view, any Russian companies wishing to increase their production capacity and production volume should definitely pay attention to the creation of a joint venture in India," Tyagi added.

The BRICS International Innovation Forum "Cloud City" is taking place on August 27-29 as part of the 12th Moscow Urban Forum. According to the organizers, the event should become a platform for building long-term cooperation with government and business representatives of the largest cities of the BRICS countries. It is expected that more than 3,000 people from 30 countries will take part in the forum.