OREANDA-NEWS Sony has started notifying game developers about the new mode, which will be available on the PlayStation 5 Pro. This became known to the sources of The Verge.

According to representatives of the corporation, some games will receive an improved frame rate and higher resolution when launched on the PS5 Pro. However, to do this, developers will need to add a special mode and update the SDK (software development kit).

The new mode on the PS will be called "ultra boost". When activated, the console will be able to display games in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second. Such an improvement will only be available if the games have the appropriate characteristics.

At the same time, games with fixed resolution and frame rate will not be improved in the "ultra-acceleration" mode. As insiders explained, Sony does not impose support for the new regime, but welcomes its support. Games that will be launched on the PS5 Pro in the highest resolution will be marked Enhanced ("Improved") from the platform and will most likely be promoted in the PS Store.

In mid-March, Wccftech journalists predicted a three-fold increase in power for the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is due to be released by the end of the year. In the future, the console will be able to increase the resolution of some games up to 8K.