OREANDA-NEWS  Andrey Belevtsev, Senior Vice President and Head of the Technologies unit, spoke at the plenary session "How the Runet has changed in the past 30 years" at the international exhibition and forum "Runet Day". He discussed the development of generative AI and the future of engineers' work with AI assistants, as well as the role of technology in implementing Sberbank's strategy.

Andrey noted that over the past two decades, Sberbank has undergone several technological transformations, from increasing efficiency in the physical world to creating digital finance and a service ecosystem. As part of its new human-centric strategy, the company is focusing on the development of AI technology, especially large language model-based solutions."For us, artificial intelligence is becoming a central technology rather than just a tool that improves business efficiency. It is essential for implementing our strategy with a focus on the human element," said Andrey Belevtsev.

According to Belevtsev, artificial intelligence solutions will transform the role of engineers in the future. They will free up time for creative work by automating repetitive tasks.

Andrey Belevtsev recalled that Sberbank had already released the GigaChat language model, which is available for free to individuals and businesses. He also mentioned the GigaCode developer assistant and GitVerse, a platform for collaborative code development and hosting.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, and representatives from major technology companies addressed the plenary session.