OREANDA-NEWS A new composition of concrete using coconut shells was created by DSTU scientists. According to them, the development is cheaper than traditional analogues by 15%, and constructions made of it are characterized by increased lightness. The results are published in the journal Materials.

According to experts, the search for new compositions of building mixes containing plant waste is relevant in the world today. One of the types of such waste, common in many regions of the world, is coconut processing products.

Scientists of the Don State Technical University (DSTU) have developed a new composition of concrete containing up to 10% coconut shell by weight. According to the creators, the strength and other performance characteristics of the development are not inferior to ordinary concrete or slightly exceed them, and its cost is 15% lower.

"Our approach allows us to solve the problem of recycling this type of waste, which is relevant for a number of regions, and bring to the market a new building material that is lighter and cheaper than traditional concrete," explained Sergey Stelmakh, head of the Department of Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures at DSTU.

Reducing the weight of concrete, according to experts, is a great advantage for construction. The applicability of such structures will be higher, for example, in conditions of dense urban development or in complex engineering and geological conditions, the scientists stressed.