OREANDA-NEWS According to the General Director of the Ministry of Health, Hisham Abdula, "the authorities are still considering the likelihood of" health passports "for travel" . At the same time, the representative of the department explained that "only when a significant part of the population receives the vaccine, it will be possible to talk about the admission of such documents". Hisham also added that "such passports may be a prerequisite for interstate and overseas travel".

"Over the next two to three months, the number of vaccinated residents will increase significantly, and by November or December, it is possible that collective immunity will appear in society", - a representative of the department predicted.

The state vaccination program started in the country at the end of February; today, just over 12% have received the first dose of vaccination. Authorities have approved Pfizer's products - BioNTech, including for children 12 and older, as well as Sinovac and AstraZeneca. In addition, private clinics have been cleared to offer Johnson & Johnson and CanSino vaccines.