OREANDA-NEWS In order not to overeat in the evenings, you need to properly plan your meals and think over the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance. This will not let you feel hungry at a later time, said nutritionist Olga Lushnikova. In a conversation with Lenta.ru, she also advised to make a shopping list in the store so as not to buy anything extra.

"It is very important to plan your meals in advance. In order to prevent evening overeating, you need to eat normally during the day. Then the risk that you will come in the evening and empty the refrigerator is simply minimized, ”Lushnikova assured.

She also emphasized that it is extremely important to follow a diet and eat a certain number of times a day. The nutritionist noted that she considers it optimal to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as several optional snacks. Lushnikova also recommended following the eighty-twenty rule when planning a diet.

"Eighty percent of your diet should consist of minimally processed foods: whole grains, legumes, meat, poultry, eggs, normal-fat dairy products, vegetables, seeds, fruits, berries. And twenty percent from your favorite treats, maybe not quite useful in terms of composition," she explained.

Earlier, nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg said that the rapid absorption of food leads to overeating. The expert noted that signals about the saturation of the body enter the brain with a delay, so the person does not immediately realize that he has already eaten. For this reason, according to the doctor, it is necessary to eat slowly to avoid overeating.