OREANDA-NEWS Physical activity will help Russians overcome stress, as sports reduce the stress hormone cortisol, said doctor Andrey Kondrakhin. He also recommended periodically changing the type of activity from intellectual to physical, writes Lenta.ru.

“When resting, you need to change the way you act and think. Let’s say if you are engaged in intellectual activity, then you need to change the activity to physical,” Kondrakhin assured.

In his opinion, physical exercises help to get rid of overexertion and give strength. Along with this, the doctor stressed that you should not force yourself to play sports. According to Kondrakhin, it is important to set aside time for yourself and regularly swim, run or ride a bike.

“You need to do it with pleasure, and not force yourself. Set aside time for yourself, do it regularly, and in forty days you will get involved,” the doctor concluded.

Earlier, the chief psychiatrist of Moscow, Georgy Kostyuk, said that in order to reduce stress, you need to rid yourself of stereotypes and go on a trip to Russia, as well as increase physical activity. The expert also noted that for this, alcohol should also be excluded and the consumption of negative information should be reduced. He added that Russia is a huge country that can surprise everyone.