OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft announced the termination of support for Internet Explorer. The complete shutdown of all Explorer services will occur by June 15, 2022, when the browser will be 27 years old - the first version was released in 1995.

Microsoft started dropping IE back in 2015. The company gradually limited its functionality, depriving it of support for the most popular services. Currently, IE's share of the browser market is about 0.71%.

Microsoft Edge manager Sean Lindersay noted that "Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Support for Internet Explorer 11 is discontinued and will not be supported from June 15, 2022 for some versions of Windows 10."

Microsoft representatives also noted that Internet Explorer does not meet modern requirements: "IE has been in use since 2013, and a lot of things have changed in the online environment since then."

Microsoft will make an exception for some companies whose corporate build is sharpened for IE. however, they will also be asked to upgrade to a special version of Microsoft Edge that is compatible with Explorer services. This version of Edge will be supported until 2029.