OREANDA-NEWS  President Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs to step up efforts to develop artificial intelligence. 

During his speech at the conference "Journey into the world of artificial Intelligence" (AI Journey, AIJ), the President of the Russian Federation called for increasing efforts to develop artificial intelligence. "In some areas in this area, we are one step ahead of some other countries. And we must definitely step up our efforts," Putin stressed.

According to the President, achievements in the field of artificial intelligence will largely determine what place Russia will occupy in the world in the future. "The significance of breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence is enormous. The rivalry between the states is just fierce," Vladimir Putin said.

In addition, the President of Russia instructed to create a new federal project for the development of domestic robotics with state support measures for these developments.

The President also thanked the specialists working in the field of AI. "Taking this opportunity, I would like to say a huge thank you to domestic researchers who have recently started their way in science, but are already shaping the technological potential of our country," Putin said.

During his speech at the conference "Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence", Vladimir Putin said that in order to digitalize any sphere, it must first be put in order. Otherwise, "if you digitize chaos, you will get digital chaos," the president warned.