OREANDA-NEWS  The best developments of SKOLKOVO residents in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are planned to be brought to the markets of Europe and Asia in 2019, Konstantin Parshin, Vice-President of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, told on Friday on the sidelines of the Russian investment forum in Sochi.

"Many companies have already entered the international market, expanding their expansion in 2019. For example, the company VisionLabs - one of the leaders of the world market of systems of video Analytics, object recognition, faces. They have been working in Europe, they have an office in Amsterdam and in 2019, the company plans to enter the market of South-East Asia and the Middle East," said Parshin.

He added that in some countries Russian companies are experiencing a number of difficulties, but the demand for them is not falling. "It is physically difficult for Russian companies to open their points of presence in a number of countries. In America, for example, legislation is actively developing, which actually restricts the access of foreigners to companies, technologies and this list is very wide. Despite this, the request for technologies developed and invented in Russia is definitely there," said the Vice - President of SKOLKOVO.

According to Parshin, among the residents of SKOLKOVO, who began working in Europe, is the Navigine company, which has developed the technology of indoor navigation. "For example, you move around the trading floor in a supermarket, and you will automatically be offered a product that is sold there on the stock. Now the company has entered the Finnish market",-said the Vice President.

According to Parshin, the most popular technologies in the field of education and medicine are now considered to be in the global market. Among the Russian companies, the Vice President noted "Exoatlet", which creates exoskeletons for rehabilitation - its specialists are already actively working in the Asian market, as well as opened an office in Luxembourg.

"There is a young company - the Third Opinion. Their technology allows a number of diseases to be diagnosed with the help of artificial intelligence. We have signed a contract with a distributor in the UAE, we plan to enter the European market in 2019," the Vice President of SKOLKOVO said.