OREANDA-NEWS. According to the plan of biologist Denis Rebrikov, the correction of a single gene will help future children avoid hereditary deafness.  However, colleagues are skeptical about the project.

 It is, in particular, a mutation in the GJB2 gene.  When it is present, one of the nucleotides disappears from the DNA chain.  If one of the parents has this mutation, the child is born normal.  If her father and mother are the bearers, the child will be born deaf.

 The scientist has already found several couples who are ready to take part in the experiment.  However, a specialist still needs permission to conduct such experiments.  Now the CRISPR / Cas9 gene editor is not considered absolutely safe for editing the human genome.  In particular, experts are afraid of possible side effects from such editing.

 In China, two children were born from genetically edited embryos.  He, with the help of CRISPR, tried to instill in children resistance to HIV infection.  Now the fate of these children and the scientist are unknown.