OREANDA-NEWS A strong magnetic storm has begun on Earth. The Russians were warned about this at the Institute of Applied Geophysics (IPG) in a conversation with TASS.

As the monitoring data show, the disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field has reached the G3 level, corresponding to "strongly" on the monitoring scale of five indicators. This means that problems in energy systems can occur on Earth, including false alarms in safety systems and "boiling" of oil transformers. In addition, there may be interruptions in satellite and low-frequency radio navigation, and disruptions in high-frequency radio communications.

It is noted that in the middle latitudes it will be possible to observe the aurora borealis.

Earlier, a new particularly large flare of class X3.9 occurred on the Sun. It became the fourth most powerful in the last 25 years.

On May 8, IPG scientists registered 15 powerful solar flares. At the same time, two of them turned out to be of the highest class X. Some outbreaks were accompanied by disruption of HF radio communications and coronal mass ejection.