OREANDA-NEWS The Russian company F2FGroup has developed a telephone bot that can help employers in conducting remote interviews, "Izvestia" reports about it.

Тhe bot uses prepared questions about attitudes towards alcohol or gambling, the level of honesty and other topics. Another part of the test is devoted to professional competencies, including the applicant's abilities to perform in public, work in a team, accept criticism and other aspects.

It is assumed that the bot will inform the other party that it is necessary to respond with full-fledged phrases for analysis. And, of course, he will ask whether the interlocutor agrees to the processing of personal data.

At the same time, the bot does not take into account the semantic content of the answers - it is only trying to characterize changes in the voice intonation. Based on this, he can issue recommendations to employers. However, the latter decision is still not the machine.