OREANDA-NEWS. October 11, 2012. JSOC Bashneft continues the implementation of a charity programme aimed at providing the districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan with high-quality drinking water. According to the schedule for financing the reconstruction, building, and repair works at social, cultural, and other facilities approved by the government of the Republic, in 2012, over 98.5 million roubles will be allocated for funding the works at facilities included in the water programme.

The programme covers 20 districts and eight cities in the republic, and includes financing the preparation of design documents and cost estimates, total reconstruction, the construction of new water withdrawal facilities, water pipes and pipeline networks, and major overhaul of the existing ones, as well as drilling water wells and installation of water towers.

In 2012, the largest projects under the water programme financed through JSOC Bashneft’s charity funds are implemented in the Kaltasinsky and Chishminsky Districts of Bashkortostan; 32 million roubles have been allocated for total reconstruction of water supply systems in the village of Kaltasy (in 2011, this amount exceeded 35 million roubles), and 15 million roubles have been allocated for the construction of a new ten-kilometre-long Teperishevo-Albeevo-Chukrakly water pipe in the Chishminsky District.

The project on restoration and development of springs called Springs of Bashkiria is of special importance. In 2011, 25 springs in various districts of the republic were developed, and 21 million roubles were allocated for their restoration. The project mainly included facilities in remote villages, where a spring often was the only source of drinking water. For instance, five springs were restored and developed in the villages in the Tuimazinsky District of the Republic. The restoration of springs was also carried out in the Belebeyevsky, Bizhbulyaksky, Chekmagushevsky, Yanaulsky, Krasnokamsky, Ishimbaysky, Blagoveschensky, and Dyurtyulinsky districts.

According to the Schedule for Financing the Reconstruction, Building and Repair Works at Social, Cultural and Other Facilities in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in 2011–2012, Bashneft allocated 349 million roubles for financing the environmental water programme.