OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited, and Transphorm, Inc., a leader in GaN power devices for power supplies, announced that they have reached an agreement whereby Fujitsu Semiconductor and Transphorm will integrate their gallium-nitride (GaN) power devices for power supplies businesses. This integration will dramatically improve the market competitiveness of Transphorm's GaN power device business. The three companies have also agreed that both Fujitsu and Fujitsu Semiconductor will take a minority equity position in Transphorm.

Device manufacturers around the world are competing to commercialize GaN power devices. While Transphorm has already released the first qualified high voltage commercial GaN devices, the company continues to make significant improvements in performance, quality and productivity. Given this, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Semiconductor and Transphorm will bring together their complementary strengths in technology and manufacturing to enable superior GaN power device solutions to be delivered quickly to the market with both scale and affordability.