OREANDA-NEWS  The Remdiesel company has completed import substitution of the Typhoon-K53949 armored car, which was named Phoenix. During 2023, this process will be completed for the entire line of Typhoons. This was announced by a representative of the company at the last international exhibition IDEX 2023, reports TASS.

"Phoenix is an import—substituted Typhoon-K53949 car. It is made on a serial chassis, the possibility of its serial production has been increased, the assembly speed has been reduced. We are carrying out import substitution of all cars, and this car is the first to complete this process. The rest are at different stages of the import substitution process," he said.

The Russian armored car "Typhoon-K53949" is designed for the transportation of personnel and cargo. The booking of the vehicle provides protection for the crew and the landing party from armor-piercing bullets, shell fragments and explosive devices. A car with a 4x4 wheel formula can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.