OREANDA-NEWS   Major beer producers have warned about the risk of suspending their work in the event of the adoption of a bill on the register of brewers, Vedomosti writes with reference to a letter from the Beer Producers Association.

According to the bill, in order to be included in the register, without which it is impossible to continue work, you need to pass an "on-site assessment". Within the framework of it, the volumes of actual beer production will be compared with calculations according to the Rosalkogolregulirovaniya methodology. To do this, the formula will be applied, according to which the minimum period of beer fermentation is 18 days.

However, brewers note that many beers are brewed in less time. Companies will be forced to underestimate the real volume of beer production or will not be able to get into the register, which means they will stop production, the document says. More than 80 percent of the products are produced with a fermentation period of less than 18 days, said the acting president of AB InBev Efes (brands Velkopopovicky Kozel, "The Old miller from the barrel") Oraz Durdyev.

Earlier, the Union of Russian Brewers asked to stop the practice of accelerated beer production, which is allegedly practiced by multinational companies in Russia.