OREANDA-NEWS  The number of Moscow industrial enterprises exceeded 4.2 thousand by the beginning of 2024, one in three is high–tech, and the need to adapt to constant changes and sustainable development led to the introduction of lean manufacturing technologies at the capital's sites, said the Minister of the Government of Moscow, head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP) Vladislav Ovchinsky.

"Lean manufacturing is an approach to enterprise management with an increase in the efficiency of work processes through the elimination of losses and unnecessary actions. At the same time, the main focus of the work is on the consumer. The capital's industrialists continuously optimize their production processes in order to obtain products of the highest quality. A special management system helps them in this, among other things," the press service of the DIPP quotes Ovchinsky as saying.

The introduction of technology at the capital's RTK RU-FLEX thermal insulation plant began at one of the most important and in-demand sites where coatings are applied to materials. This allowed the company to specify and regulate the processes so that each employee could better understand the specifics and features of the line. In addition, by creating a visual process map and subsequently identifying problems in each of them, the manufacturer was able to significantly optimize the time that employees spend on their operations.

The capital's ASK Engineering Center has developed an automated tester for fast and accurate control of printed circuit boards. The verification time is from 5 minutes. The tester is universal, it can eliminate the human factor and test several boards simultaneously, checking the parameters and documenting the results. Manufacturers incur heavy losses due to the detection of defects at late stages of production. And the tester of the Moscow center allows you to quickly and accurately check printed circuit boards, increasing the productivity of the enterprise.

Most of the developments of the Moscow-based MOSITLAB enterprise are lean manufacturing technology tools. Developments accelerate processes, improve quality and productivity, and reduce waste of time, materials, and resources. This number includes a mail robot that processes data received by the company's information channels. Its tasks include automatic formation of the customer's order and processing of incoming mail with subsequent filtering of emails. The introduction of a robot makes it possible to automate this work by 85%. Another project is a tender robot, which is a digital data analysis service from electronic trading platforms to automate the company's participation in commercial and government electronic auctions. He conducts continuous monitoring of sites, searches for requests for the necessary types of products and generates a significant amount of documentation for submission himself.