OREANDA-NEWS. Russia has suspended the import of a number of products from China due to the violations found. Prohibited components were found in the goods, according to the Rospotrebnadzor website.

In particular, in freeze-dried corn noodles, corn noodles, corn chips, eggs with chocolate cream dessert and cookies with a surprise toy inside, DNA of genetically modified corn was found, as well as DNA of genetically modified soybeans in an amount of more than 0.9 percent.

It is noted that the content of prohibited substances in some products exceeds the norm by five times. Also, the product labeling does not indicate data on the content of GMOs. For this reason, Russia has restricted the import of goods from China since Monday, October 11.

"In order to prevent the emergence and spread of mass non-infectious diseases (poisoning) among the population of the Russian Federation <...> from 11.10.2021 until a special order, the import of these food products to the territory of the Russian Federation is suspended," the department emphasized. Rospotrebnadzor added that the situation is under the special control of the department.

Earlier it became known that an intestinal stick was found in the nuggets. Roskachestvo checked and stated that the culinary product "Golden Cockerel" contains E. coli, and the semi-finished products "VkusVill" and "Myasnitsky Ryad" revealed listeria - bacteria that multiply in food.