OREANDA-NEWS  The market of domestic tobacco products is developing, which was clearly demonstrated by the recent 30th anniversary exhibition "Prodexpo-2023", industry representatives told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, more than 45 subjects of the Russian Federation, namely 1,565 companies, presented regional collective expositions at Prodexpo-2023. This, as the organizers noted, "will have a positive impact on the development of the country's food market."

"It is wrong to immediately expect any results from such events. It's more of a long-term job. This is a way to remind about yourself, to give an understanding to those interested that you are developing and are a reliable partner and a strong competitor. And yes, KTF takes part in both national and international exhibitions, and each of them is important in its own way. But, of course, the priority for us is the domestic market, the Russian consumer and his preferences," said the co-founder of KTF Vahe Grigoryan.

According to the commercial director of the trading house, over the past year, the recognition of the company has significantly increased. The factory has also expanded its product range - domestic products are gradually becoming more popular among Russians.

"The number and geography of visitors have increased. After 5 days, we acquired 149 new contacts and expanded the terms of contracts with 30 existing ones," KTF noted.

Earlier, the tobacco industry called on the Russian government to strengthen support for domestic producers. In particular, to introduce lending on preferential terms, as well as to pay the excise tax "not in advance, as now, but after the fact."