OREANDA-NEWS  Ukraine will insist on sanctions against "Nord Stream 2 AG" if the German regulator certifies the company as an independent operator of Nord Stream 2, said Yuriy Vitrenko, the chairman of the board of the National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz" of Ukraine. 

Earlier, the Supreme Land Court in Dusseldorf rejected a complaint by "Nord Stream 2 AG" against the German regulator's decision not to remove the "Nord Stream 2" gas pipeline from the EU gas directive. The company, which still disagrees with this position, has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Federal Court of Germany. At the same time, "Nord Stream 2 AG" submitted an application to the German Federal Grid Agency for certification as an independent operator of "Nord Stream 2" in June, and if it is satisfied, the requirements of the gas directive, which prescribes the separation of the gas owner and the pipeline owner, will be met.

According to Vitrenko, certification of "Nord Stream 2 AG" as an independent operator of "Nord Stream 2" is impossible within European legislation and would contradict the agreements enshrined in the joint statement of the United States and Germany.

“Now the situation is very simple, even if we imagine that the German regulator will turn a blind eye to violations of European legislation - in this case, we will insist that the United States impose sanctions on the operator Nord Stream 2 AG which is 100% owned by Gazprom because it will be a violation of the joint statement of the US and Germany. And we will insist on sanctions ", - Vitrenko said.