OREANDA-NEWS The fascination with the TikTok social network is fraught with deterioration of working memory, depression, anxiety and stress for teenagers, Chinese scientists from Southwest University warn.

Researchers interviewed 3036 schoolchildren who regularly watch videos on the TikTok social network. The volunteers filled out a modified questionnaire measuring smartphone addiction, where the word "smartphone" was replaced with the word "TikTok". The participants also passed tests on the level of depression, anxiety and stress. The researchers then measured the teenagers' working memory using tests.

Those participants whose dependence on TikTok turned out to be the most pronounced scored higher on the scales of depression, anxiety and stress and performed worse than the rest with the working memory test.

Among young men, stress levels did not affect working memory. Girls' dependence on TikTok was more pronounced, but at the same time, young men were more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress and performed worse on working memory tests.

Earlier, "Tsargrad" published a story about a TikTok user who shoots a video about how he provokes and scandalizes with conductors and controllers of St. Petersburg public transport. One of the employees hit the blogger with a validator.

On January 25, it became known that TikTok developers are thinking about introducing new features in the application. In particular, the creators are testing the use of avatars, keyword filtering on the recommendations page, group chats, as well as screen sharing in live broadcasts.