OREANDA-NEWS. After ten years as CEO of GasTerra, Gertjan Lankhorst has decided to continue his career elsewhere. The board of directors of VEMW, the Association for Energy, Environment and Water, has nominated him as the new chairman. Lankhorst is intending to take over this function from Ton Spoor, who had been chairman of the VEMW board since 2004, on 1 January 2017.

The departure of GasTerra's CEO is taking place at an exceptional time for the Dutch energy and gas sector. Our country is in the middle of the transition from a time in which gas was the obvious choice to a colourful and more sustainable energy landscape, in which gas plays a more and more facilitating role, to enable our ambitious national and international objectives for emission reduction and the security of energy supply. Gertjan Lankhorst has been a great promoter of this energy transition process, by making cooperation and dialogue with GasTerra's stakeholders and energy education spearheads of GasTerra's strategy and policy. At a national, European and international level, as chairman of the gas association KVGN, as president of Eurogas and as regional coordinator of the International Gas Union, he has made a strong case for the use of gas in situations where, from an economic and ecological point of view, this is the wisest choice.

Gertjan Lankhorst: ‘GasTerra is a great company, with competent and motivated employees, which I have led with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. I am leaving the organisation at a time when, despite the sometimes unpredictable circumstances in the energy and gas sector, it is well prepared for the future. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge for an association of enterprises which, just like GasTerra, sees emission reduction and sustainability as top priorities.'

It is not yet known who will succeed Gertjan Lankhorst.