OREANDA-NEWS. Russia's "Nord Stream 2" (NSP2) pipeline will not be launched before the second half of 2022. This forecast was voiced by Steen Jacobsen, Chief Investment Officer of the Danish Saxo Bank.

Jacobsen also said that the issue of launching of NSP2 became geopolitical. According to him, the only obstacle to the pipeline certification is political considerations of the Western countries.

At the moment, the launch of the pipeline cannot be implemented due to the regulatory framework in the FRG, explained the expert.

As the banker recalled, on 16 December, Germany postponed a decision on the certification of NSP2 until at least mid-2022.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock earlier reiterated that NSP2 does not meet the requirements of the European Union (EU).

At the same time, the German foreign minister believes that it is necessary to provide all European residents with electricity and heating. Therefore, she believes it is important to make the European energy sector independent.

On December 12 last year, Berbock announced that the pipeline did not meet the EU requirements.

As she pointed out, NSP2 plays a geostrategic role for European countries. At the same time, she stressed that for her, the Russian pipeline is more than just a private economic project, as the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had earlier called it.

On 24 December, the Das Erste TV channel admitted that the issue of putting Nord Stream 2 into operation could split the coalition that formed the new German government. It was noted that there were disputes between the Greens, who oppose NSP2, and the Social Democratic Party, which supports the project.