OREANDA-NEWS. Europe may face power outages if the winter is cold, French newspaper Le Monde writes, citing Trafigura CEO Jeremy Weir.

The expert linked the risk of a shortage of electricity with a shortage of other types of fuel: in the absence of gas, European countries began to consume other types of energy too actively.

"There is a real concern that if we have a cold winter, we could have power outages in Europe," Weir said.

He advised to speed up the process of issuing a permit for Nord Stream 2 by Germany in order to avoid aggravating the fuel crisis.
Le Monde journalists noted that the moment to suspend certification of the Russian gas pipeline could negatively affect the situation with fuel in Europe.

"Germany's decision to suspend came at a critical moment, when several factors gathered at once: reserves are abnormally low, there are accidents on infrastructure, the winds are too weak for windmills to work, and methane consumption in Germany and the UK has increased. In addition, active demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia has driven prices up in Europe, "said the author of the publication, Jean-Michel Beza.