OREANDA-NEWSAttempts to impose liquefied natural gas from the United States to European consumers run counter to market and democratic principles. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with a German newspaper.

“We believe that energy contracts should not be a weapon of political influence. We believe that the desire to force European consumers to buy more expensive liquefied natural gas from the United States is completely non-market and anti-democratic”, he said. "We hope that the questions of our German and other European partners will be guided by the interests of their peoples, and not by the requests of the American government".

Speaking about Denmark’s position on the construction of the Nord Stream - 2, Lavrov noted that Copenhagen had politicized this issue and was slow in issuing permission to lay a gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone. “We believe that delaying the consideration of the draft applications filed by the operator is contrary to the principles of international maritime law, which allow the construction of energy infrastructure facilities in maritime areas. paving the route of the Nord Stream - 2, hasn't appeared in any country, including Denmark”, the minister recalled.

“This project is supported by leading European energy companies, which can hardly be suspected of any anti-European intentions. We hope that the Danish government formed by the results of parliamentary elections will abandon the confrontational course and take the right decisions”, the Russian Foreign Minister added. Lavrov stressed that the construction of the Nord Stream - 2 is proceeding as planned: about 60% of the total length of the gas pipeline was laid, capital expenditures for its implementation were financed by more than 80%.