OREANDA-NEWSLavrov said that Moscow was already accustomed to threats from Washington, commenting on US plans to impose sanctions against Rosneft because of cooperation with Venezuela. This was announced on Friday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference following a visit to Mexico.

“I heard another threat from Washington - to punish everyone who collaborates with Venezuela in one way or another. We’ve gotten used to it. We got used to the fact that, unashamedly, US officials say: "Yes, Washington is committed to the Monroe Doctrine. And the Monroe Doctrine must be implemented, "he said.

Earlier, the US administration said that Washington was considering the possibility of applying sanctions against Rosneft in a package with other restrictive measures affecting the Venezuelan authorities, led by President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters abroad. Rosneft is one of the largest foreign investors in Venezuela; it implements several oil exploration and production projects together with the Venezuelan PDVSA. The companies also have a Perforosven oilfield service joint venture.