OREANDA-NEWS  Exchange prices for electricity in a number of parts of Russia showed a significant increase, reaching a historical maximum of 1800 rubles per megawatt. The Kommersant newspaper writes about this.

It is noted that electricity prices in Russia have risen to a historical maximum of 1800 rubles per megawatt in the European part of the country and in the Urals. Experts explained such a sharp rise in price by a jump due to the withdrawal of several NPP units into unplanned and scheduled repairs. However, regulators claim that the situation with the cost of trips has normalized and that prices will soon return to their previous values.

The "System Operator" (SO, power system dispatcher) added that in winter scheduled repairs are usually carried out at two or three NPP units.

"The uncharacteristic imposition of short—term unplanned repairs in the current December was observed for a fairly short period, the maximum of which fell on December 22-24," the company noted.

On December 1, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved an increase in gas tariffs in Russia. Since then, they have grown by 8.5 percent.