OREANDA-NEWS. The Russians talked about which cities in the country they would like to move to for work. The corresponding research was carried out by the Odnoklassniki social network in conjunction with the VK Work service and the ResearchMe research center; its results were submitted to the editorial office of Lenta.ru.

According to the poll, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar and Vladivostok are in the top five of the most coveted settlements. Among the advantages of these cities, respondents named the standard of living (35 percent), wages (32), climate (30), the availability of jobs (27) and the ability to build a career faster (17).

According to VK Rabota, the highest salary in these cities among blue-collar jobs is offered to a bulldozer operator, a tiler and a specialist in working with trading floors. For example, when moving to Vladivostok, you can get a job as a bulldozer operator (average salary - 139.5 thousand rubles), a tiler (119 thousand) and a sailor (100 thousand). In Krasnodar, trading floor specialists can receive about 120 thousand rubles, and driller's assistants - 107 thousand. In St. Petersburg, the head of logistics earns an average of 110 thousand rubles.

It also became known that 56 percent of the survey participants do not think about moving at the moment, just over a quarter want to change the city, and 18 percent are still at a loss to answer. At the same time, if the respondents had the opportunity to work remotely, then 63 percent of them would prefer to stay in their city, and only 21 percent would still leave.

Finally, when asked what the main difficulties the respondents agree to overcome when moving to another city for the sake of work, they note that they are ready for long separation from loved ones (36 percent), that they will have to rent a house (36), that they can only apply for low position (22) and will have to save a lot at first (35). Also, 17 percent said that they are even ready to borrow money for the sake of moving.