OREANDA-NEWS. Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp malfunctions have prompted Russians left without social networks to buy cheap goods that will help them spend time at home. This was reported by analysts of the online retailer Wildberries, reports LENTA.RU.

As analysts noted, on October 4, compared to the previous day, sales of televisions increased by 39 percent, projectors for watching movies at home - by 84 percent, synthesizers - by 103 percent. Audiobook sales soared by 132 percent.

During the failures in the work of the social network, the demand for educational games also increased sharply. Thus, sales of geobords increased by 94 percent, railways - by 29 percent, spirographs - by 47 percent, board games - by ten percent.

Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp, and the global outage on October 4 affected and lasted for several hours. The first reports of problems appeared around 18:30 Moscow time. Facebook called the reason for the large-scale failure of services. The head of the technical service of the social network Mike Schrepfer believes that the collapse occurred due to problems with the network.

Boris Titov, the Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under the President of Russia, said that the failure in social networks affected Russian business. Titov stressed that it is too early to give final estimates. However, it is already known that the business has complained about losses.