Hiring of labour

23.05.2022, 10:06
The Russian-based international IT company Softline has cut employee salaries by 25% by the end of the year, according to Forbes.
13.05.2022, 14:27
Since March 1, an increase in the number of unemployed by 4 thousand people has been recorded in Russia.
13.05.2022, 11:25
In Russia, the demand for representatives of working specialties will grow due to the establishment of domestic production and an increase in the volume of equipment repairs.
04.05.2022, 16:00
Refusal to purchase Russian gas may lead to the loss of about 565 thousand jobs in Italy, the newspaper Corriere della Sera writes.
18.04.2022, 16:42
The number of registered unemployed citizens in Russia is at a fairly low level, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.
05.04.2022, 10:33
In the first quarter of this year, 24% of Russians received a salary increase, TASS reports, citing the results of a survey by the Zarplata.ru service.
04.04.2022, 12:19
The number of vacancies in the field of IT in Russia over the past month has decreased by 25%, and the number of resumes has increased by 15%.
30.03.2022, 15:47
Two-thirds of Russian small and medium-sized businesses have cut employee costs.
28.03.2022, 14:37
The head of the Ministry of Labor of Russia, Anton Kotyakov, said that there are no plans for mass layoffs in Russia.
24.03.2022, 16:39
There are no prerequisites for a sharp increase in unemployment in Russia yet, says Alexander Shcherbakov, Doctor of Economics, Professor at the RANEPA.
14.03.2022, 14:45
The IT sector around the world is extremely mobile in terms of personnel, in this area the “turnover” of personnel is a constant.
21.02.2022, 11:13
There is nothing wrong with the fact that apartments in Moscow are bought not only by locals, but also by visitors, State Duma Deputy Vladimir Resin said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
17.02.2022, 11:29
"Delivery Club" was at the center of a scandal. A deliveryman from Vladivostok named Oleg flew out of work for asking to cancel his 14-hour shift, as he was preparing for his mother's funeral.
03.02.2022, 10:44
The vacancy of the marketing director was named one of the highest paid in Moscow in February of this year. It became known that such a specialist is ready to pay up to 600 thousand rubles a month, writes TASS with reference to a study of the "Rabota.ru" service.
01.02.2022, 16:13
Due to the multiple increase in the incidence of coronavirus, the Russian tripartite commission of social and labor relations recommends transferring the maximum possible number of employees to remote work.


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