OREANDA-NEWS  Since the beginning of the year, Russians have been spending more on used cars: the indicator has increased by 29 percent compared to the same period in 2022. This is stated in the study "Otkritie avto" (the autobusiness unit of Otkritie Bank) and the agency "Autostat". Excerpts from it are cited by TASS.

In total, in January 2023, Russians spent 348 billion rubles on the purchase of used cars, and a total of 361.1 thousand such cars were purchased. The share of younger cars (up to 10 years old) has slightly increased — 225 billion rubles, or 65 percent of the total volume, were spent on them (plus 2 percent year-on-year). Of these, 111.4 billion rubles were spent on used cars not older than five years.

The share of Chinese used cars both in money and in the number of sales remains low: 1.9 and 1.7 percent, respectively, although they show the most active dynamics in terms of sales compared to last year (+70 percent). Russians are still more willing to spend on European cars (130.8 billion rubles in January), only slightly inferior to them "Japanese" (118.6 billion rubles). Korean cars close the top three, followed by domestic brands (47.8 billion and 25.2 billion rubles).