OREANDA-NEWS The duty on the export of sunflower oil from the Russian Federation will be zero in June. This calculation was presented by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Thus, the zero duty will remain for the thirteenth month in a row.

The duty rate on sunflower meal will decrease by 42.6%, to 901.3 rubles from 1 thousand 544.3 rubles in June.

Indicative prices, based on which the duties were calculated, were: for oil - $773.3 per ton ($773.8 a month ago), for meal - $198.6 ($199.5).

The base price for calculating the duty on meal from September 1, 2023 was increased by 2 thousand rubles, to 15,875 rubles per ton, for calculating the duty on oil - has not changed and is 82,500 rubles per ton.

Duties on oil and meal are calculated in rubles from July 2022. The amount of the duty on sunflower oil is 70% of the difference between the base price (82,500 rubles per ton) and the indicative price (the arithmetic average of market prices for the month). The export duty on sunflower meal is calculated using the formula as the difference between the indicative price (the arithmetic mean of market prices for the month) and the base price (15,875 rubles per ton) multiplied by the value of the correction factor (0.7).