OREANDA-NEWS  Finland, by closing the border with Russia, has created problems for residents of the east of the country, according to an article by the Yle portal entitled "Suffering of the eastern border".

As the author of the material notes, after Finland gained independence in 1918, all ties with Russia were cut off, which not everyone liked then — "as they don't like it now." Today, bilateral relations that have been built up for decades have collapsed due to the closure of the border. "When the trade between Finland and Russia came to naught, life in the border regions of Finland quieted down," the article says.

In 1918, residents of the then border areas protested against the closure of the border between the countries, because it interfered with their business life and freedom of movement. "Now many residents of southeastern Finland are going through the same experiences. The desire to go to Vyborg or Svetogorsk for gasoline, to the barber shop or just to relax has not disappeared," the author writes.