OREANDA-NEWS. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has introduced state regulation of prices for six food products, RIA Novosti reports.

This applies to sugar, flour, sunflower oil, pork hams, chicken breasts and cow's milk. The price of these products should return to the level of October 15, 2021. “Starting from February, this should be the case in all stores,” Orban ordered.

The measure is needed to protect the interests of citizens in the face of rising prices for essential products caused by the energy crisis in the EU countries, the Prime Minister said. Hungary has also limited the rise in gasoline prices and plans to cut some tariffs, such as utility bills. In Ukraine, they also decided to follow this path.

On December 12, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced state regulation of prices for buckwheat, sugar, flour, pasta, milk, sunflower and butter, chicken and eggs for the period of quarantine due to coronavirus. The level of trade markup should not exceed 10 percent on wholesale selling prices.

Earlier, Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko stated that it was impossible for the authorities to control prices in Russia and rejected such an approach. According to her, government intervention could lead to shortages and substitution of Russian products with imported ones.