OREANDA-NEWS. The tax deduction when buying a car was proposed to be introduced in Russia. This became known on Thursday, December 30.

The director of the Institute for the Study of Problems of Contemporary Politics Anton Orlov sent a corresponding proposal to the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov, reports Gazeta.Ru.

In the letter, he recalled that in accordance with the tax legislation of Russia, each citizen, when purchasing real estate, has the right to use a tax deduction of up to 2 million rubles once, having returned 13% of this amount - up to 260 thousand rubles.

Buying a car is also extremely important for many categories of citizens, for example, for large families or pensioners, but such a tax deduction is not provided in this case, Orlov said.

"In this regard, I ask you to evaluate the feasibility of introducing a tax deduction of up to 1 million rubles when buying a personal vehicle, which any citizen can use once during his life and return up to 130 thousand rubles," RT quotes the text of the appeal.

On December 30, Yuri Zakharov, a leading lawyer of the Senator Eurasian Law Association, said that from January 1, 2022, Russian citizens will be able to receive a sports tax deduction. He clarified that in this way you can save a maximum of 15.6 thousand rubles.

On December 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered amendments to the legislation that would stimulate the formation of long-term savings among citizens. So, he instructed to work out the issue of providing a tax deduction for income of individuals when investing in Russian securities.