OREANDA-NEWS The air defense forces of the Israeli army (IDF) opened fire on a drone that entered the country's airspace from the territory of Lebanon. This was reported on February 14 by Lebanon 24 with reference to the official statement of the Israeli army command.

The military believed that the drone was launched by the Lebanese Hezbollah group.

Later it was established that the drone was launched by another unit and was used to gather intelligence about areas of southern Lebanon. It is noted that no one was injured as a result of the incident. The investigation of the incident was taken over by the IDF command.

Earlier, the Israeli army has repeatedly reported that the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and Palestinian groups are actively using reconnaissance and homemade attack drones.

Earlier it became known that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expressed hope that tensions between Russia and Ukraine would stop without escalation, while calling on Israelis in Ukraine to return home. "Don't take unnecessary risks. Don't wait for a situation when you really want to come back, but you can't do it. Be responsible for your life and leave Ukraine as soon as possible and return home," the Prime Minister said.