OREANDA-NEWS. Japan expressed concern that the closure of airspace for airlines from Russia could cause disruptions in the import of goods, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the NHK TV channel.

“The geographical position of Japan is different from the US and European countries. If Russia takes retaliatory measures, it will have a big impact on the supply of goods,” a source in the government told the TV channel.

It is also reported that in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, some consider it necessary to stand in solidarity with European countries on the issue of closing the sky for airlines from the Russian Federation and wish to appeal to other Asian countries with a call to do the same.

Earlier, the Japanese Foreign Ministry assigned the entire territory of Russia a third out of four possible danger levels and recommended that its citizens refuse to travel to the country.

The Japanese authorities have advised its citizens to consider using commercial flights and leave the country, and those who were planning a trip to abandon it. According to the Foreign Ministry, there are currently 2,400 Japanese in Russia.