OREANDA-NEWS. The Moscow Administrative Highway Inspectorate (MADI) demanded that taxi aggregators prohibit drivers with foreign driving license from connecting to services.

If the demand is not met voluntarily, then the prosecutor's office will be connected, according to the message of the Moscow Department of Transport.

For six months, MADI inspectors have identified more than 1,700 cases when foreign drivers with driving experience less than 3 years received orders from large services. This is contrary to the law, and it is dangerous for passengers.

Now you can work in a taxi only if you have a Russian, Kyrgyz driver's license or the rights of countries where Russian is used as the official language. In addition, the driver must have a driving experience of more than 3 years.

From August 1, a taxi analysis system will be launched in Moscow. Each driver will be assigned an ID. The passenger will be able to see how many fines the driver collected and how much time he spent behind the wheel. 10 thousand drivers have already received a digital profile.

Taxi drivers will be constantly monitored by the electronic system, and if it decides that the driver should not carry passengers, it will immediately block.

"Orders will cease to come to him if he is a violator, if he has invalid rights, if he does not correspond to the length of service, if he is in some resources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the search system," explains the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Moscow Dmitry Pronin.