OREANDA-NEWS Volvo Group intends to lay off some of its employees in Russia within a year and is now thinking about the scale of the reduction. This was reported to Kommersant in the Russian office of the company, explaining that Volvo decided to "adapt its operating activities in connection with the changed market conditions" in the country.

The Volvo Trucks plant in Kaluga, which produces trucks and cabs for them, will continue to be in the suspension mode, in which it has been since February 28. The capacity of the plant was 15 thousand trucks per year, it has been operating since 2009. "It's too early to say what will happen next with the Volvo Group's production sites in Russia," the company said, stressing that it did not make a decision to leave the market.

According to a Kommersant source, Volvo Group is actually unable to assemble due to EU sanctions on the supply of components, ready-made trucks and special equipment to Russia.