World: articles for 23.09.2022

23.09.2022, 21:21
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told French TV that he is “shocked” at Israel’s refusal to arm his military
23.09.2022, 21:21
The Ukrainian army is suffering at least 50 casualties a day, says President Vladimir Zelensky, claiming Russia is losing five times more
23.09.2022, 21:00

Threat comes as UN member states meet in Geneva amid pressure to take action on a damning report on abuse of Uyghurs

23.09.2022, 20:03
Russian youngster Arsen Zakharyan could obtain Armenian citizenship ahead of a potential move to Chelsea, reports have claimed
23.09.2022, 20:00
The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it will not enlist reservists from the IT, media, and finance sectors
23.09.2022, 19:56
Some 1,700 Liverpool fans are set to launch legal action against UEFA following disturbances ahead of the Champions League final in Paris
23.09.2022, 19:45
WADA has said it will continue to consider Ukrainian anti-doping officials as operating under ‘force majeure’ circumstances
23.09.2022, 19:37
Toyota will be closing its plant in Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced
23.09.2022, 19:35
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “repeatedly” named a Ukrainian prisoner he wanted released
23.09.2022, 19:33
The USS Ronald Reagan docked in the South Korean port of Busan on Friday, ahead of military drills aimed at deterring North Korea

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