OREANDA-NEWS The time for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine has not come yet, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview with France Culture, Le Point reports, according to Gazeta.ru.

According to her, the final success in the current situation should be the "defeat" of Russia. The former U.S. presidential candidate supported Kiev's position, which repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territories to the positions they held before February 24.

She also commented on French President Emmanuel Macron's call for Western leaders not to "humiliate Russia" so that when the fighting is over, there is a chance for a diplomatic resolution. According to Clinton, Macron's position is "outdated" and Russian President Vladimir Putin has long crossed the red line.

In addition, she suggested listening more to the leaders of the Baltic states and Poland, who "are on the front line" and have "a much clearer idea of who Putin really is and what his goals are".